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Hazal Ozturk

Call me a UX Designer, an Abstract Artist, a Creative Director or a Coffee Lover.

I craft enjoyable experiences, both digital and physical!

  New York City

Who Am I?

Having spent 5 years in the software industry, I am equipped with strong communication skills and a keen ability to empathize.

Currently I'm a UX Designer at Cisco, re-designing one of our internal tools. Making information universally accessible and intuitive is part of my mission.

I dive deep into understanding my users, I come up with elegant design solutions for their needs, and fulfill business goals!  

I’ve designed for a range of companies including startups, design agencies, as well as a big tech companies. I help non-profit organizations and artists with their design needs as well.

What Do I Do?

I love turning complex product goals into accessible, elegant, and easy-to-use design experiences. I take an idea and make a user friendly digital product with it. I use user research data to come up with the most appropriate design solution.

How Do I Do?

  • I apply human-centered design methods

  • I follow a user-first approach

  • I start with user research and apply the findings into design thinking

  • I visualize ideas and concepts 

Just A Few More Things

  • Besides building user friendly software designs, I also use strategic design thinking to craft unique solutions for advertising & social media campaigns exhibition flyers, and public art projects.

  • I love photography and I provide free Stock Photos on Unsplash
    (1.2M views & 10,413 downloads)

  • I balance my techy personality with my creative perspective. I have built 4 mobile apps and 3 web apps.

  • I've been a bridge between clean code and user friendly design in the tech world.

  • I am also an exhibiting artist. Meet Hazal the Artist

Design Tools

Adobe Creative Suite
Google Analytics

UX Skillset

User Centered Design

Interactive Prototyping
Information Architecture
User Testing
Branding & Logo Design

Other Creative Skillset

Digital Illustratin



Art & Design Consultancy

Social Media Marketing

Let's create something together! Or let's just grab a coffee! 

Send me an email at 

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