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MyID Group Management Tool

Internal Cisco Tool, 2023

Project Overview

Due to confidentiality, I can't share project visuals at the moment. I'm happy to provide a description of my work instead.

The Problem

4 redundant tools 

  • Outdated

  • Very hard to use

  • Users complained every day


The Goal

  1. Replace legacy tools

  2. Improve user experience

The Product

An application for managing groups and user memberships, which also gives access to infrastructure, platforms and applications. 

My Role

Design Lead (Cisco)

(2 more UX designers, 1 Business Analyst, 1 Content Strategist)

Project Duration

April 2022 - May 2023


  • UX Research

  • Paper and Digital Wireframing

  • Low and High fidelity prototyping

  • Conducting usability studies

  • Accounting for Cisco standards and accessibility

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